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Wondering what opportunities you could pursue and what you should do next? We help develop a holistic digital strategy for your product or service that answers those questions. After completing qualitative and quantitative research, our team creates a strategy that brings landscape, business, and customer perspectives together to solve your challenges and identify new opportunities throughout the lifecycle. With our help, your organization can digitize processes to drive self-service, acquire new customer segments, increase customer retention, leverage new channels intelligently, and build experiences that give your products a competitive advantage.

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Modernize systems to meet customer, employee, and business goals

Optimize your user experience by empathizing with their needs

Innovate based on the competitive landscape and opportunities

Our Digital Strategy Offerings

Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are a collaborative way to understand how your users experience your product or service through every touchpoint and channel. With our help, your team can map the user experience to key metrics, identify pain points and opportunities, and prioritize a future state experience.

Experience Strategy & Design

Skookum’s Experience Strategy and Design offering begins with an experience analysis of your current product or need, followed by a facilitated workshop. Based on the workshop outcomes, we work with you to map the future state, identify gaps in research, identify opportunities for user testing, and prioritize a feature backlog.

User Experience Enablement

Once you know the type of experience you aspire to create, which technologies and channels should you use to do it? Through User Experience Enablement, you can gather the research needed to help determine feasibility, requirements, and priority.

Design Transformation

Don't let outdated systems and complex technology weigh your business down. Skookum can partner with you to transform legacy applications, enable mobile/responsive experiences, or aggregate functionality from de-centralized solutions.

Dynamic Videos & Presentations

You have an amazing product, service, idea, or initiative, but how can you effectively communicate it to your audience? Through digital storytelling. We leverage video animation and creative visuals to help you share your story with customers and employees in an engaging way.

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